Real Punishment Series

Disk 1


  Tanya Hyde is a lovely young nurse in real life. This is a true and very real punishment for a very real offense. I let her borrow a paddle of mine to go to a party. This was one of the first paddles I got for Tiki. She got a little too drunk and ended up leaving the paddle somewhere and it was lost. Her boyfreind also brought her to me for a very severe, multi-position spanking. This spanking captured great facial expressions, and a bottom that looked like one of my precious Hawaiian sunsets, An amazing spanking!
  Pepper Crimson was sent to me by her boyfriend (who is actualy there keeping the time) for continuous back talk. After arriving, I find out she has a little smoking problem. She has tried to quit and can't. I use this to further her punishment, Pepper cries almost from the first spank. She has a beautiful bottom, a sultry voice, and a cocky attitude. You won't find a girl more in need of correction. She is currently a part time student and office worker.
Courtney Chambers is a real life substitute teacher. She reported to me at 8:30 in the morning for a spanking punishment. She was on her way to work. That's a trooper! Courtney had not really had her limits challenged before. I reward you by taking her to a complete breakdown where the tears flow. Courtney is on the way to being a recognized name in the spanking world. See her longs legs, and very red bottom in this one.
Samantha "The Rocker" is a very unique story about a real female rock singer in LA that got so drunk she was unable to perform. She let her entire band down. I approached her and her road manager about my series and his answer was "this is exactly what she deserves." So she came for her punishment one Saturday afternoon. Her road manager kept the time, while her female bass player took pictures. The road manager let the time run long on purpose. I thought that was quite funny. She got a bottom BLISTERING!
  Mina is an Artist/gymnist who has a truly spankable, round and very firm bottom. She told me she takes a good spanking. She has never done the DALLAS one, though! She got the tears going real good. I scorched her buns with NO warm-up what so ever. She did get cocky at the end...watch for it!

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