Real Punishment Series Disk 2

Disk 2


Austin is the ex- Playboy Playmate that gets the first ever bottom burning of her life. This girl has a dynamite body, real tears flowed, and her bottom got so bruised that she asked "this won't be permanant will it?" I will let these pictures speak for the spanking. This one was worth the price of admission alone!!
  Honey Wilspenk (not her real name) is a true to life POOTERS girl (not the real name of restaurant) She had never been spanked before, but had a real BAD problem with tardiness at work. I guess someone at Pooters is a fan because she was sent to me! To add to her embarassment she did a photo shoot in her bikini the next day and all the girls asked her "What happened to your ass!!??"
  This is a three part set of a girl who is so beautiful and takes VERY EXTREME SPANKING. Raven is a local fashion model. She is 5' 10" tall and has an awesome body. I take her on a three part ride into pain. This has extreme spanking, paddling and razor strapping. The last spanking has her spanked and then paddled so hard that she is unable to control her sobbing. Raven is not into spanking, yet she takes some of the best. This three parter is beyond sexy!!