See What Happens When A Famous Adult Model Asks Me For My Help to Become The Person She Wants To Be!

Valentine's Day Destiny- DVD/Blu-Ray Disc

Whitney Morgan Brought Herself To Me For A Disciplinary Spanking, With No Questions About The Severity!

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With Every Roll Of The Dice


Her Fate Was Sealed In Pain


On This Valentine's Day!





So a very special woman decided she had enough with her partying ways. She heard about how I had used disciplinary spankings in the past, to help women create a better image about who they wanted to be. I explained to Whitney that I would take her to a place, that she had never traveled before. A place where pain and catharsis, would walk hand-in-hand. When she said " I will obey you Dallas'...the date was set. That date?...The day before Valentine's Day. When she asked why this day, I simply told her this ' You will always remember this date when I am done with you.

Now I am big on the concept of destiny. I created a game years ago called ' Dice of Destiny' and thought it would be in tune with Whitney's desires for change, if she was in charge of her spanking destiny as well. She knew she would get a hand spanking and a special spanking from me to her at the end. I lined up implements and she rolled to see which she would be punished with. She had told me she desired to be a 'domestic Goddess' when we talked about her desires. You still don't believe in destiny? The rolls lined up exactly with the traditional domestic implements!

She gets a super hard hand spanking over her party-girl dress to start. She has her panties pulled down and then blistered with my hand. Then her first roll had her pick a painful wooden hairbrush. The hand spanking was long and the hairbrush equally long and hard!

Forcing her to change out of her slutty dress, she changed into jeans and sneakers. I use a flat wooden paddle over her jeans, before ripping them down and spanking her on her full backed panties and the bare! Followed by the implement of her next destiny...An even larger and more painful wooden hairbrush.

The premise of her change was that of a metamorphosis! Her original dress the cocoon and her change of clothes the change.

She is the stripped completely nude to represent the butterfly she had become. The nasty paddle-strap is used, followed by the belt ( she did have childhood trauma of this implement from her mother)

I finish with a severe caning, making her hold both ends of a pad with her hands. She was not allowed to let go! Her screams complete her process.

She then is allowed to seductively rub her swollen and extremely sore bottom with pure vitamin E oil! Very HOT!




A True Disciplinary Session of Whitney Morgan

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1 Hour & 25 Minutes in Length


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