Autumn Sky

"The Trail of Tears"

Remember the Land o' Lakes native American princess? You know on the butter boxes? Ever wanted to spank her? Well now you get the chance to. Please meet Autumn Sky. A native Ojibway Indian from the Northern Minnesota area.

When Sabrina and I were going across the country we stopped in a Native American artifacts and souvenier shop. Sabrina found a little Indian girl doll....so I took a picture of her facing the corner with a scolding finger pointed at her. Autumn's grandmother ( who we later found out owned the shop...and a few dozen more ) saw us taking the picture.She said " I wish someone would do that to my grand daughter. We talked to Nieta for an hour or so. I finally told her about what I do....and how I can help. Since Nieta was at her wits end with Autumn. I told her I would take care of her little problem. She gave me Autumn's phone number. Nieta called her grand daughter and said " A man is going to call you.Do as he says...or you are out on your own"

Now Autumn is a little snippy ( which always changes sooner or later ) and seemed to be agreeing just to keep her fanny from being given the boot. When I sit her down...she is very smug. I have her do knee and standing reflection time. I interview her and see the "Native" tattoo on her thigh. This only makes me want to spank her more!


Stealing from your own grandmother...Not on my watch!

I have Autumn go and change into something provided by her grandmother. A traditional Ojibway tribal costume.She seems embarrassed to wear it in front of us. She will be more embarrassed than that....trust me!

I take this naughty girl over my lap and give her a long session with my hand. She jumps and mouths off at first. You then see the transformation before your very eyes! She gives in and cries ans sobs so much her entire body shakes.

Vitamin e help provide the sting I want to achieve....

This truly is her personal TRAIL OF TEARS!

40 minutes in Length!

The fact that this is a true Native American girl that is shown the path of consequences for her actions.

*** Got a call from Nieta...seems whenever Autumn acts up. One mention on me and she straightens up!


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