Tiki's 90 Minutes of Hell - Lots of Hard Spanking!

Tiki went to a L.A. Lakers playoff game. I told her (knowing that she would be partying some) that if she found herself in a condition where she is unable to safely drive, she was to call me. Well, she didn't. What you see here is me showing Tiki just what I thought of that action. I simply told her, "Saturday night. Everything in my bag. Good and hard!"
  One morning, while I was still asleep, Tiki thought it would be a good idea to take the company credit card out of my wallet and go on a spending spree. Tiki knew that card was for company expenses only. Well, as she walked through the door, overloaded with bags, she admitted to me where the funds came from. We made three more purchases that day. An English buggy whip, a nasty plexiglass paddle and a large wooden paddle with holes. That buggy whip caused Tiki to squirm and grab her bottom! This is the most intense paddling you will ever see. For good measure, I picked up a large, thick green switch and thrashed her until blood came. I spread on some medicated cream, then her richly deserved punishment continued.

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