Hailey had a horrible weekend, wherein she made some mistakes that could have changed her life drastically in a very bad way!

'Hailey's Tearful Consequences' - Part 2 Of Double Disc Set

This is a 51 minute real disciplinary punishment session. Or Purchase the DOUBLE DISC Set Option at bottom of page

Hailey's Tearful Consequences Trailer Here!


Vintage Hog Slapper, Razor Strap, Canadian Prison Strap, Large Wooden Paddle and Acrylic Tube Whip!



Her Tears Showed Me That She Accepted My Discipline. Just As Staying In Position Showed Me She Was Willing To Obey Her Disciplinarian


Hailey was raised in the church and she tries to go frequently. She was going to go after her spanking, so I wanted her to be sitting on a very sore bottom. Using the vintage hog-slapper, stiff leather razor strap , handled strap and most importantly ( and tear evoking) was the prison strap. I wanted to let her know full hand the darkness that could enter her life had she driven blackout drunk. The message and pain of this strap are very evident!

I use a special tool to keep Hailey from being tempted to bring her hands back. It is not a binding, but one that forces her to obey, because she desire to obey.

The wooden paddle with her bell-bottoms up...and then down ensures that the trapped heat inside those pants is then unleashed for her bare bottom.

She is given a choice between another wooden paddle, or a surprise implement in a box. She chose the box and the implement was even worse than she could have imagined!






Two Scenes Including Punished Before Church and Bell-Bottom Bruise!

Tear Lovers Rejoice!

Real and Deserved Punishment Spankings For This Deserving Beauty

A Long Talk With Her Boyfriend Revealed Behaviors Too Personal To Discuss On Camera.

Tearful Consequences (Part 2) 51 Minutes In Length

Double Disc Set Two Hours in Length!