Stand up - can't sit down

yevonne - gets her first crazy hard spanking!

Inspired from true events. This is the story of one of those girls who just like to see men squirm. in this case it is a girl who likes to stand up guys . just to see them walk around in embarrassment.

Now yevonne is an aspiring singer. when she makes the mistake of standing up Luke ( the owner of a record label she would give anything to be signed by) the fun begins! luke and i hatch a plan to make sure this "stand up girl...can't sit down"

Enter Yevonne thinking she is meeting a record label owner ( me ) I sit her down and stage a phone call where in i pretend to stand up a date. She takes the bait and confesses she loves to do this herself. I pretend i am down with her on this action. I tell her that she needs to meet an associate of mine for final word on a record contract. I have her go out where she mets the ominous luke ( the real owner of the label ) he tells her she must first pass an examination to get the contract. She seeems to recognize his voice. he says "you don't remember me do you?" when she draws a blank he informs her that he was the one pacing outside the pantages theatre after she stood him up " Go inside and see my assistant dallas to complete your examination...now" he says

I sit down yevonne and let her know i am not a record label owner ( or even an assitant) i am a pro disciplinarian that is contracted to spank her. she agrees to do whatever it takes to get this contract!

a first time spanking you will not believe!

I have her wait on her knees and then standing ( standing up- get the symbloism?) to await her spanking. she is nervous....no doubt about this!

I take her over my knee with the "E" oil and timer placed carefullly. I apply the oil to her up turned very spankable bubble butt. As I begin, Sabrina and i thought she might squeeze the timer so hard it would shatter. I told her i would paddle her severely if she did. she was much more careful then. 3 spankings of 3 minutes each have those bubbles crimson right away.

Next she is on her tummy for a super hard implelment spanking. 10 each with 6 different implements. Her bottom was on fire...her tears will make you feel good about her punishment. I walk her out after holding up her dress for the last great view of those blistered bubbles! Sabrina did a fantastic editing job with an amazing video menu... and scene slection and still show after the credits!

42 minutes in length!


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