Seared Rears

This is a MUST HAVE video for any spankofile

See five different girls punished severly. There was not a dry eye in the house for this one. A four part bun burner!


Our favorite Ex-Wesley schoolgirl Tiki is now head of security at a cosmetic store. After catching three schoolgirls shoplifting, she knows exactly where
and who to take these naughty girls for proper punishment. None other than Dean Armstrong, "The Dean Of Discipline". These girls received the strapping and paddling of their lives!

** Two of the girls are real college co-eds.


This is a very interesting spanking. I know Jewel's boyfriend and he found out she had a little fling with another guy. He came to me and asked if I would take care of the problem "My way". I gave her the spanking of her life.

** Jewel was not happy about getting a spanking for her indescretion and said, "I will not cry for you or my boyfriend!"

You be the judge.

  Sweet Tiki has a way of getting in trouble. At the Shadow Lane party a gentleman said he wanted to see a switching. Tiki said in passing that if he purchased all 5 of our videos that he could watch her get a switching. Well, much to her chagrin, he came back and did. I picked a green lemon tree switch and had it soak all afternoon for her 5:00 pm switching.

Private Tiki comes back late after a weekend of "AWOL". Her Sargent offers her a way out of her problems with a severe paddling. She accepts. Strapped to a table she is punished with a variety of paddles. There are great close ups of her facial expressions as well.

** Tiki really got into trouble while filming this video. Her punishment is real! This is the most intense and severe paddling ever recorded.



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