Spanked Party Girls Spanking DVD

Blister and Bruised Party Girls Gone Naughty then spanked with the hand,straps and paddles.

When Girls Party Too Hard...They Will Get Spanked The Same Way!

Three of the naughtiest party girls ever are scorched!
Anticipating a SpankingShameful Corner Time

I met Abby on the set of a popular television show where she had just been hired as a new stand-in. She was shy at first, but soon became a part of our little family. Abby surprised us all when she sat down at a piano on one of our sets and sang a song she had written that blew us away. She was warned in a good humored way about me that if she wasn't careful I would spank her. Since I had spanked both of these girls ( they didn't mention that part), they knew it was inevitable. Abby soon became popular and was invited out to the hippest clubs in tinsel town. This caused her to be late one day. She was almost fired for it. I approached Abby who was upset and said " If you seriously want help in keeping your job let me know" and walked away. She came up to me and asked for help. If you are going out you call me. I will need your phone number. I will call you and keep calling you until you wake up. She said "Is that what you did for the other girls?" I said " Part of it". She went out that night and called me first. I always had earlier calls so I put an alert on my phone. I called her at a time she should have already been awake. " I said " Get up now...don't be late". In a tired voice she muttered " Thanks'. She was barely on time that morning and I told her I needed to see her at 9:40 break. "Where? she asked."Stage 3 office set". When she showed up with a puzzled look on her face, I said " ok, it's time to handle this...take them down". She seemed confused at first and then remembered what the girls had told her. She unfastened her jeans and I walked over and finished the job. Pulling her over my lap and onto a loveseat, I spanked her hard without saying anything. She cried out after twenty and sobbed " I am sorry!' I got up and saw she had tears streaming down her face. "Go wash up and be back on set...only three minutes left". I walked out and saw she was hurrying towards the restroom. Abby was not late again for six months. She went out again one night and when I called the next morning it went straight to voicemail. She didn't charge her phone. She was fired.

She had heard about my site before she left and called me about work when she was desperate. This was her first shoot of any kind...and real.

You can see Abby is just a demure midwest girl at heart.


Walk For SpankingWaiting Bare Bottomed


When this naughty girl from the midwest came to Hollywood, she landed the job of a stand-in to the stars. Next stop was clubbing,designer drugs and then over my knee!


Spanking As Excercise

When my ex-girlfriend Austin wanted to come to California for a visit, I told her she could stay with Sierra Salem & I on one condition. " I know all about your conditions!" Austin chimed. "Ok. remember that" was all I said.

Sierra is a pretty naughty one in her own right. Having Austin there was like throwing gasoline on the 'naughty fire'. Austin was visiting us for a week and she was spanked the first night within ninety minutes of showing up. Sierra delighted in watching Austin still in her traveling clothes, face down and bare bottom up on an ottoman getting a hard bottom burning, even helping by holding her wrists for me. Later that night Austin had pushed a few 'Sierra buttons' and Sierra found herself on the wrong end of a bath brush. "Tomorrow we film something" I told them.

1. The Pool- It was hot this week and the pool was a constant location. This day Austin and Sierra seemed to have left their brains in a bag somewhere. When the doors were constantly left open, they both were spanked several times, including this early morning bun burner.

2. Austin in Lingerie- Austin and Sierra got really drunk the night before this shoot. Sierra made the good move of going off to bed. Austin drank more and got out of control which got her a spanking and a thirty minute corner time session. I told her after sending her to bed. "Tomorrow you doll yourself up... dress in something sexy for the camera, because more marks are heading your way" She did and her spanking was hot in front of the fireplace.

3. Bad day at Disneyland- After a long day at 'The wonderful world of' I told them both pretty much 'wait until I get you home'. Austin complained about her super-sore buns. Sierra was at her brattiest. I pretty much yanked them out of the car, marched them into the shower, pulled off their clothes and said " I will be back soon so put on your PJ's afterwards and wait for me." Sierra will show you how in case you have forgotten Austin." I told her. "I remember completely sir" she chuckled. When I got back I gave them alternating bun blisterings that left Austin marked for a month.


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40 Minutes in Length!