'Sorority Girl Spanking' - Nikki Rouge's Bare Bottom Bucket Punishment

Do to popular demand we are proud to release our new full download combining ritualistic ceremony with SORORITY INITIATION!

This is for the fan of SEVERE DISCIPLINARY SPANKING... Be Warned!

Rosemary must pledge to the Omega Theta Kappa sorority or suffer social suicide. She unwittingly slept with Melinda's boyfriend one night. (The president and ultimate deciding vote of the sorority!)

There were rumours about a stern disciplinarian ( a boogeyman so to speak ) that was said to step in for 'special cases'. This is where, on a selected day, she would inside this very sorority meet her fate...and Mr. Blak .

The caning was severe on an unprepared, wet bottom!

She enters as she was directed, slowly and with great purpose. She was ordered to stare into the flame of the candle she held. Mr. Blak seemed to appear out of nowhere...his voice stern but mesmerizing. She knew that she would accept anything her requested of her.

The beginning was methodical. She was not given too much information. Stepping into the burning hot water inside it's enclosure, she followed intructions (which was not easy for her at first.) You see this one had a mouth on her causing Mr Blak to raise his voice asking for "SILENCE". Her robe was saturated with the hot water (only on the part covering her round bottom). She was caned over her robe....then it was tied up and out of the way. One cane ...then another...and another. She was then whipped with nasty acrylic whips, after which he was taken out of the water and paddled severely with all wooden implements as she bucked and kicked.

Now she was returned to the enclosure where the big sorority paddle with holes came into play.

A sorority house senior named Snow requested that she copy from a test in class one day. Rosemary declined this request. She did not understand that the sorority was even more far reaching than the classroom during your freshmen year of pledging. Because of this, Snow requested the use of the Canadian Prison Strap as the last of the pledge's implements. Mr. Blak used it with gusto as she danced in awe of it's pain!


Our friend & model Snow contacted me the day before this shoot and requested the Canadian Prison Strap be used. Rosemary and Snow are close friends in real life. If a good friend can't request your strapping...who can?


69 minutes in length!

Long Bonus Slideshow- This one is COOL GANG!



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