Our super beautiful neighbor Lilly is all done with school! She did disobey me when I gave her a list of things to do as prep for her massive studying for finals. She didn't do ONE, even though I told her she would be spanked if she didn't do all on the list. This inspired me to do this SEVEN SCENE film!

Seven Spanking Sins - HD DVD or Blu-Ray Disc

Starring Our Real Life Neighbor Lilly!

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Lilly has a hard time with being told what to do. The Seven Spanking Sins was inspired by a real promise I made to her regarding her graduation. When I spoke to her on the phone about the list and at first she lied about following the list. I saw she had committed two spanking offenses. I then decided that based on 'The Seven Deadly Sins' , I would shoot seven spankings all based on the sins she had committed in the past and present.

I start with a bottom bruising, OTK hand spanking that has her in tears. She cursed so much I put up a 'Lilly's Swear Jar' and promised her additional spankings for cursing. She managed to keep that pretty much in check... but the TEARS FLOWED from EVERY SPANKING SHE GOT.

You want REAL DISCIPLINARY SPANKINGS of a vanilla girl, that produces heartfelt tears?

You got it here!

She gets an OTK paddling with a 3/4 inch thick paddle!

She gets the tawse over tight jeans and bare!

She gets a paddling in classic paddling position starting out over jeans, then moving to bare.

She gets a fully NUDE spanking over the knee...paddling

She gets the Canadian Prison Strap over a dress than bare!

After she whined about the ruler strap, I get a belt and give her a nice hard spanking to tears!

This is a NICE.... LONG...PUNISHMENT SPANKING. That has something for eveyone!

Beauty Meets Hot Bottom and Tears... Does it get better?

90 Minutes in length!