Amber Wells

"The Personal Secretary" - A real office spanking punishment!

For those who LOVED the movie "The Secretary" but wanted to see some better spanking in it...Myself and Sabrina give you Sabrina and our rendition. " THE personal SECRETARY"

I felt that only one smacktress could pull it off...That of course being the lovely Amber Wells. One thing Sabrina and I noticed was how much she looked like Kim Bassinger from another kinky movie -"9 1/2 Weeks"!

This day was like no other. It was the 6 month evaluation of Ms. Wells and Mr. Smith was watching her like a hawk to boot. It was not a good day to be caught sneaking your dog (played by Moonlight ) into work - let alone putting her inside an (unlocked) SECURE FILES drawer. Mr Smith was NOT HAPPY to say the least. When she was over an hour late past the time Mr. Smith ordered her to back, Ms. Wells tried to tip toe past his office. She was BUSTED....

Mr Smith let her know how UNHAPPY he was concerning her MISTAKE on the day of her evaluation. He decided to show her what she could expect if she wanted to remain his PERSONAL SECRETARY. She was shocked (or was she?) When he stood her up and bent her across the desk, what followed was a super hard hard hand spanking over her skirt. Then her short black skirt was raised for more of the same, but this time on the bare - (and bruisng from just his hand. Ms. Wells had no idea what as in store for her that day.) At this point,a clothes brush that Mr Smith had put in her drawer 3 days prior is introduced to the lovely secretary. " You can't be working that hard if you hadn't noticed that young lady!" Mr Smith informed her. THe brush is used hard but her secret smiles are evident.

This is just a great film start to finish - with a 6 minute slide show with some of of our favorite photos.

After leaving her bent across her desk, Mr Smith told her to meet him in his office in twenty minutes and she knows her evaluation is close at HAND! She also knows that if what she just experienced was how he handles things ... SHE WAS IN FOR A LONG AFTERNOON! Ms. Wells shows up in Mr . Smith's office where she is instructed to stand before him. He needs more time to read over the checklist. Being THAT KIND OF BOSS, he tells her to pull up her skirt and walk bare bottomed to the corner. Her point of view is quickly becoming one of Mr. Smith being JUST THE RIGHT BOSS FOR HER! FOR SURE. Mr. Smith has the evaluation checklist in hand and summons her over his lap. Another resounding hand spanking has her crying immediately. He has her read the 1st on the list and hen informs her there are SIX areas to cover! Again, a very long day ahead for Ms. Wells!

He then sends her back to the corner and then she returns to a face down session on his ottoman. A cruel and old fashioned leather belt is used as well as a Canadian Prison Strap (you find out why as well). He then uses a paddle- strap and "THUMPER" that had Opal from Denmark very close to tears!

Ms. Wells is then bent over with her hands on a stool for a very serious hard paddling with a plexi-paddle! Boy does she How she cry from that one! Then she is taken OTK FOR A SUPER HARD SPANKING WITH A BRAND NEW AND HEAVY BATH BRUSH - Just the PERFECT SIZE FOR OVER HIS LAP!



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