If you thought Amelia Jane's last spanking was hard... WAIT TO GET A LOAD OF THIS ONE!

Amelia Jane- 'Rob Banks- Get Spanked' Blu-Ray Disc and DVD!

A SUPER COOL story line and some VERY SEVERE Spanking!

Rob Banks, Get Spanked Trailer Here!





I really thought I had pushed my dear friend Amelia Jane to the brink of her tolerance last time. Boy, was I wrong! This one has EVERYTHING all spankos look for.

It has a very cool story line that was superbly acted. It has ALL implements represented from Canes, hairbrush, bath brush, wooden paddles, razor straps, rubber strap ( her least favorite!) Lexan paddles, acrylic paddle and even the vintage HOG SLAPPER that Nikki Rouge HATED!

The storyline is that of the 'Red Division' ( a black OP of the FBI) that handles enhanced interrogations of high value targets. Our agent systematically works his way up the bank robbing syndicate list of names, using the RED DIVISION'S tried and true method of spanking as a way to make his captured sing.

After finding out who Mr. Big was at the very end. What better way than to put her in the dreaded BUCKET, for severe, wet bottomed punishment!

This 1 hour and 25 minute saga will check ALL your boxes!





Beauty Meets Severity! Just the way you like it!

Amelia Jane is THE SPANKING MODEL for the ages!

Get this video and ALL will be clear about this statement.

1 Hour & 25 Minutes in Length


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