This is one of the HARDEST Spankings I have handed out in quite some time! If you are a fan of what I do... You will want this one very badly!

Rawhide 3- Spanked Hard and Put Away Wet

stevie rose dvd

When a girl comes back she knows to expect the very worst. When she comes back due to defiance and breaking her word to me... she make expect hellfire.

This is the third installment of the trilogy that is 'RAWHIDE'. Most of you know it from the beginning. For those of you who don't...boy, do you have some great catching up to do!

When we last saw Stevie Rose she was blistered and promising to me to go back to Austin and enjoy her well-paid job as a background singer for her uncle Cletus' band. I thought we had put this spotlight yearning of hers to bed.

That is why I was surprised to hear little Stevie had ran off to Seattle (after taking money from her uncle), to try her search for fame in the grunge city mecca itself.

She bought an expensive electric Stratocaster without concern of food or shelter, until she was cold and hungry that is. When she found herself calling her uncle to come home, uncle Cletus (being the doting uncle he is) arranged the flight back to Austin with a long layover in LA. I made sure that layover felt like a hot eternity. Since it was 112 degrees that day... it only added to my foul mood.

I could sit here and describe all the blow-by-blow details. I think in this case I will let the photos and the trailer do that for me.

If I say this is one of those special ones that you look for. This film will be a treasure in a sea of your treasures, which you will watch time and time again. You have my word that this is so.


The hand, belt, razor straps, hairbrush, bath brush, riding crop, whippy cane, tube-whip, large wooden paddle... finishing off on her wet bottom...and putting her away wet.


leather strapping dvd

stevie rose vid


60 Minutes in Length!


This Spanking Even Impressed Me.