'Penance and Punishment' - Dazey Raines

Available in DVD & Blu-Ray Disc

1 Hour 9 Minutes in Length


in Dazey's Life.

Hand Spanked until she is severely marked. Strapped with a huge razor strap- The Stairway To Heaven, Paddled hard as her tears flow- The Decent to Hell- Taken OTK for the large hairbrush- The Reascension- Given a REAL WHIPPING for RUDENESS with three of my most painful whips!

Nun Spanking DVDChurch Spankings

Dazey meets with father Dallas to admit that she was too afraid to report to the confessional as instructed to do in 2008. The padre listens to the confession and sends her naked to the alter to await the absolution of her sins by way of church doctrine.

Strapped By PriestSpanked In Church

She is given one....then two....then three as she is introduced to the Stairway to Heaven

Even the hand can tear the flesh

Her tears are like a stream of forgiveness

Religious Strapping

Grabbing on tight to a ladder, Dazey begins her descent to HELL

with 10...then 9....then 8... with the hard & cruel paddle.


Tear Stained Discipline

Positioned OTK Dazey must REASCEND with the LARGE Hairbrush as she again starts with one....then two...then three


Hard Hairbrush OTK

After some rude behavior while taking Dazey to a flick, she learns exactly what to expect from this type of thing when I am in her charge. She is marched out to a warm and humid garage wherein she is whipped cruelly with three of my most painful whips.




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