Here is the story of a girl with a cartoonish bubble butt getting the beatings and spankings she has come to deserve. I guess what I heard the most was " Dallas, is her butt real?" I can assure you it is! I would never feel comfortable spanking a bottom that wasn't if you know what I mean.

Seems that Ozzma has a way of fudging the trut when it comes to something she wants to do...but not have to deal with her boyfriends two cents about how he feels. When she told him she was working at a grocery store, when she actually was doing nude modeling. He approached me about handling her lying ways for him.

Ozzma thinks things are really funny sometimes...especially when she is getting her bottom blistered it seems! You will watch her smiles turn upside down with this severe spanking.

After bare bottomed reflection time, I take her over my knee for the beginning of a serious spanking. She squirms, smirks and giggles ( at first ), then you see her really start to feel it. The bruises appear about the same time she begins to be sorry. Afterwards she is put face down on the ottoman and the dreaded gel came out! I take my time with the rebber paddle, belt strap, handled strap, and proson strap until her already big bubble is swollen. The sight is as treat. The other treat is I have her return for some serious whipping!

There is nothing better than having a smart alec pick her own switch and hold it, feel it as she waits to be whipped with it. This was the case with Ozzma with her return. Bent over a daybed, I whipped her bare flesh as you can watch the interesting dotted lines appear. Then the cane came out to really get her attention! After strapping and paddling ... and a seriously marked & swollen bottom, I make her go out to the front yard and spend a full 30 minutes with her welted and marked bottom on display!

The classic part wasn't on camera, but really got her ready to scramble. My landlord who lived next door stopped by and we had a 10 minute conversation as Ozzma knelt in a stool just around the corner and barely ( get it?) out of site. I think she knew that she would get another spanking if she pulled up her jeans. She stayed put...good girl!

57 Minutes in Length!