A Real Life Disciplinary Spanking Of A DSH Model!


Now this is an amazing spanking video everyone! For any of you that thought real disciplinary spankings were fiction on any spanking sites - know this... the spanking here was a real disciplinary spanking I gave a model named Natasha. See what happened when a model scheduled for a shoot displays the ultimate rudeness and unprofessional behavior after asking for a ride to location (which had me driving in LA traffic btw). Upon arrival Natasha refused to come down from her apartment, and said "Who wants to get spanked by some old dude anyway?" And then, "You aren't paying me enough." even when an agreed fee was reached weeks earlier. She called me a few weeks later to apologize and said "I will accept my punishment and want to make it up to you Dallas." Two other shoots were scheduled after I accepted her apology. She was unreachable the night before each of these shoots and they subsequently had to be cancelled.
I picked up Natasha on this particular Saturday, preparing myself for the worst. When she actually came down this time, I was ready to teach this rude girl a lesson! I started lecturing her and scolding her all the way back to our place. She said "Man, I feel like I am really in trouble." I responded "Oh, you are!"
I had Natasha sit down where we went over all the things she did to deserve the blistering that was coming. She seemed to think it was funny, only adding fuel to her upcoming fire. I sent her to the corner to dress in a special wardrobe to add embarrassment to this already embarrassing situation the 22 year old was in.

I had this really cute, but very full of herself, girl kneel where I introduced her to my own 'stencil method'. ( you will love it!) Then OTK she goes to get the bare bottomed blistering she SO deserved! I started with my hand and then lined up the paddles, as she decides which order and implement. She chose the huge hairbrush, the bath brush, paddle strap and got two hard ones with a heavy guitar shaped paddle called 'String man'.

I was determined to get the tears from her to show her contrition.When she broke down in tears I knew we were on our way to a lesson learned.

When she tried repeatedly to bring her hands back to rub or block her relentless blistering, I decided that her next series of spankings would render her unable to do this.

Next came the straps that left their marks over and over again. She literally jumped off the bench with her hands in restraints. I ordered her back up and over as I continued her strapping with multiple implements until once again the tears flowed.

Watch this bubble bottomed girl learn a lesson about rudeness, as well as a deep understanding of how spanking helped her in her personal life right before your very eyes!

55 Minutes in Length!