Madison Young Meets 'Bucket Boy'

Screwing over Dallas & Sabrina brings forth my full wrath!!!!!!!!!

Sabrina was very excited about her first art photo exhibit in San Francisco! Moongoddess Photography was invited - Her company!

Sabrina painstakingly wrapped up her exhibit photos and sent them north.

The weather in the bay area was foul that weekend! 70 mile an hour winds...rain...awful!

Madison Young as it happens was the exhibit coordinator for the show. She was also not aware it was leap year!

150 art enthusiasts stood in the rain to find a locked store front. The dates were off by one day!

Knowing how hard Sabrina worked fueled my desire to punish her ... but good!!!

Just like Pixie and Tiki years before... I got out the bucket and loads of my most feared implements.



This was something both Sabrina and I deliberated on before deciding that Madison having a meeting with 'Bucket Boy' was warranted. I was a little taken aback when Madison agreed that this type of spanking was in order.

I got such a good reaction from Amber when I started with the switch - (also in the bucket). It really awakened the nerves - causing more feeling...especially after the bucket prep. Check out her newly released DVD as well!

Madisons tender bottom was switched SEVERELY and ready for my next implement. I used not only "THUMPER" (the implement I've been told many times is "EVIL" but I also use a thuddy paddle made from an actual tire tread. Now that got her attention!

Warning: This is a SEVERE SPANKING SESSION that was CONSENSUAL by two people that have developed a sense of trust. Please do not attempt to re-create this type of discipline. The producer accepts no responsibilty for these actions.

I then took Madison out of the bucket where she was cold, wet and naked... and on to a SERIOUSLY INTENSE OTK SESSION. MADISON WAS FULLY NUDE for the entire session! She got 13 SUPER HARD ONES with 4 of my most 'teaching' implements! (Mostly WOODEN ONES!) See photos below.

***Madison confessed later on to me on the way to the airport that she could not sit down!***

And then, I did something different. I put Madison back in the bucket. I used the long and severe strap that got Ambers attention so well! (A perfect strap to lead up to what Carissa referred to as " The Strap of Death" from our shoot together.)

I used both straps with full swinging controled severity. Madison trembled so strongly on camera! It is an amazing sight!

I had her collect her clothes and I marched her off to my truck.... spanking her sore bottom as we walked!

This rates with my top 5 most severe spankings ever!


38 minutes in length!

+bonus slideshow and bloopers!

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