Hot Bottomed Hotties 1- FIRST TIME ON SALE!


Lissa was a girl in town who needed some part time work. I left her in charge of shipping orders while I was on vacation in Hawaii. She assured me that she understood everything I explained (even took notes) Well long story short… she started out losing my spare set of keys. I had to overnight them to her. Next she lost her notes, forgetting the most important part of shipping. She re-sent orders and did not ship the new ones.

What you witness is a real discipline session. She got six one
Minute hand spankings which had her crying very real tears. Her boyfriend agreed that she deserved this and kept time for me.

This girl is a real beauty that gets real discipline that produces
Very REAL AND HEART FELT TEARS! Talk about a red and very hot
Bottom! Fully nude for added shame factor



Sinn was a girl who had a mean and very vindictive streak. I have a very beautiful niece who is a model. She worked hard getting her portfolio together. I spent many hours shooting her myself.
Well Sinn and my niece had a falling out so she decided to steal and then trash her portfolio. Boy did she pick the wrong niece!

You witness a spanking punishment given from me to her. This is
VERY SEVERE! One of the hardest OTK spankings I dealt out in awhile. Intense strapping, and wooden paddling in the classic school position! She learned what bulls eyes were that night. All this ,and a candid after punishment interview. An instant cult classic! Oh yea… I let her keep on only her sneakers.


I met Lizzy and her boyfriend at a Shadow Lane party. I spoke to her guy and found that she had a problem with finding the right amount of achohol to consume before turning into a very confrontational gal. Her boyfriend thought that the embarrassment of being punished on a video would make her think about this behavior. I was asked NOT to be easy on her.


When a true lesson is taught, it will be on a non warmed up bottom. She got a very hard strapping with a VERY nasty ruler strap. After that some razor strapping in various positions followed by a hard leather paddling. After her bottom was VERY sore and tender, I take her over my lap for a SERIOUSLY HARD hand spanking. When she thought her bottom couldn’t be hotter, I gave her a hard strapping with a heavy, stiff and very intense razor strap.

Follow this up with corner time and an after interview

More of the real deal in spanking punishments!


Special cameo by Jewel

This punishment starts out with Jewel ( who was living with me as my house girl at the time) being spanked for falling behind on her chores. This is interesting because she really is being spanked for this. I finished her spanking later that night

There is a knock at the door where Jewel ( relieved) gets up to answer it. I tell her I will deal with her later… which I did.

She greets Abby and walks her in to the corner. I talk to Abby as she sits on a hard wooden stool. She had a problem with some of the feel good drugs of the club scene. She ended up buying them from an undercover cop… Who knew me and what I do. He felt that this would be a valuable lesson. I didn’t tell him this would be her second visit to me.

I let her know who she had bought from and that this could be her second offense. She would be looking at a year. Now, some may think that a hand spanking is letting someone off easy. I will show you that a hand spanking done right can be one of the most intense and painful spankings of all.

I have her bare her bottom to think of what we talked about. I then have her pull up her jeans. She thinks for a moment she is not getting spanked.

I lead her to a chair where I give her 2 very hard minutes over her jeans. This is effective because the initial heat is trapped inside. It stings like hell still but makes them feel the bare spanking follow up even more. I give her another 2 minutes on the bare, which had her bottom already crimson. I gave her another long one after that. Abby is not a crier for whatever reasons. She told me that when he broke her arm as a child she didn’t cry. Her eyes started watering and after the camera cut she begged me to give her only one minute at a time and started to cry. She was shocked that she was crying. It was something she had never remembered doing and she seemed confused. Well she got over it and I told her that I would finish with one minute spankings. She said that I could give her a 30 second paddling at the end. She was giving back without taking … this makes her a special spankee.

Now you be the judge, if you think a hand spanking is getting of lightly as you watch her walk to the corner.

Oh yea… she stopped by two days later to see me. You still think a hand spanking is getting of easy



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