Where Maintenance Spankings Meet Punishment Spankings and The Universe Proves To Be Hailey's Cruel Mistress!

'Hailey- Maintenance and the Universe' Double Disc Set

A long session over the knee with mulitple implements before introducing the beauty to the first part of her right of passage


Maintenance and The Universe Full Trailer Here!

'Hailey's Maintenance & the Universe' - Double Disc Set

Two Hours of Maintenance Spankings, Punishment Spankings and the Universe Deciding Her Painful Fate


This one has it all! Tears...Implements Galore and Of Course Hailey!



A conundrum is figured out this day as Hailey had been doing really well with her given tasks. I show her the concept of maintenance spankings...what a real punishment spanking is as a reminder...and letting the universe give it's own thumb up or thumb down as she rolls for her punishment fate.

Summoned right from the gym for a punishment session, Hailey looks hot in her workout outfit! She is made to kneel in front of me to await the addressing of her behaviors of date. Here is the conundrum though... According to her boyfriend she has been 'remarkably good'. So, what is a disciplinarian to do? This entire double feature addresses that and answers it with remarkable fairness.

I let her know that I am proud of her and that is where the concept of maintenance comes to play. I then have her slowly take down her compression pants over her bottom wherein I explain the concept of her punishment awaiting her. She will be given spankings to remind her to keep moving forward. She was punished personally by me, as a reminder what is difference between punishment and maintenance spankings are. Then I have her roll two different dies. A thirty-sided die (number of spanks) and an eleven sided die with implements. The universe decided at the end of every spanking, to decide if she has been good outside the watchful eye of her boyfriend. The results are fascinating!

I start of with her over my knee wherein I give her a nice hard hand spanking, before moving to a nasty wire hanger implement that makes her howl in pain. She receives the clothes brush pinewood paddle, painful razor strap, heavy bath brush and the universe ended up choosing from the hand to the cane! The universe was not kind to Hailey this day.

Then she is made to stand in the bucket of cold water and after her bottom is wet she receives the cane! Then the universe chose the cane again for her! She then gets the huge antique razor strap on her cold wet bottom!




Where Maintenance Spankings Are Severe and Sexy!

Starting off right where we left Hailey previously ( in the dreaded bucket) she rolls the dice as the universe chooses the split-fingered cane. I make sure to take the cold water from a washcloth to wet her bottom to ensure the sting was doubly felt. Moving on to the wide conveyor belt strap the sting covers a broad area of her bottom, as she must stand facing each lick with nowhere to go. If you like seeing a beautiful woman sexily rubbing her bottom... This one will please you! Moving to an exotic wood paddle. Hailey cries out in pain as each swat lands true on her wet bottom. I then give her a personal hand spanking as she feels my hard hand over and over again. I then finish up the bucket spanking with a flat wooden paddle.

I made Hailey get dressed in an outfit that caught my eye. It was the look of a 1960's supermodel and the position was not only embarrassing for her, but really made each spank hurt even more as she stretched out on all fours between two retro chairs. Her boyfriend had seen the Dallas Spanks Hard strap and asked that I use it. He is the one who knows best the true day-to-day behaviors of his girlfriend after all. She rolls the wildcard die as her boyfriend chooses the one implement of many she hates...The stiff razor strap! Her reactions will let you know that perfectly! She gets the whippy leather strap next... as the universe chooses the hairbrush (Cruel Mistress) I finish with my hand and afterwards the cruel mistress decides she needs the razor strap again!

We end on a birthday paddling Hailey accepted I use the same paddle I used on my 50th birthday and give her 36 swats and one for luck!





As Hot A Spanking Film And Also I Tool For Any Disciplinarian! There Are Answers To Punishment Conudrums

Harsh Implements, Tears, Bottom Rubbing, From The Cane To the Hand , From The Razor Strap To The Paddle...

All The Things You Love About Real Disciplinary Scenarios and More!

Two Hours in Length On Two DVD Discs!