Hailey is back and more beautiful than ever!

Young Madeleine Stowe look-a-like!

Hailey Triple Play- DVD or Blu-Ray Disc

1 Hour and 57 Minutes Includes First Caning With Two Different Canes!

Hailey Triple Play Trailer Here


Handcuffed, Hair Pulled, Caning To Tears!




I called the film ' Hailey Triple Play' because there are three long scenes, with three of more implements per scene. Fans of hair pulling, handcuffs, canes, paddles, straps, OTK hand and paddles, bondage, beautiful girls getting caned in cocktail dresses...well, you get it!

Starting off we have a real disciplinary caning ( two different canes) and a large wooden paddle, similar to the one her father used to paddle she and her sister in the garage with. The punishment is for losing her first ever modeling check as a spanking model. When she called me nervously to request a new one issued, she said ' I am going to be punished for this huh?' 'What do you think?' was my answer. When her answer was ' Yes sir' , I knew she was embracing this new form of consequences in her life. Her hand bound with Peerless cuff, her hair pulled as she is forced to stay in position. Her first ever cane welts, rose beautifully on her firm , round bottom.


When the caning and paddling was finished, I had her change into her jean shorts. I chose the shorts, because her sister sent them to her, to remind her of the times they played in South Carolina , climbing trees and wading in the creek. I wanted her to have this kind of psychological connection to her youth, for her long and hard OTK hand spanking, pinewood paddling, clothes brush and rubber paddling.

Hailey was worn out after these two long punishments. I decided that having her drive back was not really a good idea, since she had one more punishment to accept. That is when I saw her drop-drawer pajamas and as if an omen ( since she was staying the night) I decided that these would be perfect to start her bondage spankings in. With her bottom well up across The Dominator, I tawse her with her flap down, before making her pull them down to mid thigh, to use the large handle strap, paddle strap and finishing with the very painful, stiff razor strap!

This almost two hour punishment has all you could possibly ask for and more! Most of all REAL DISCIPLINARY PUNISHMENT SPANKINGS



The Hottest New Vanilla Girl, Gets Real Disciplinary Spankings!

Hailey and her sister were paddled by their minister father growing up...

Little did she know, that just over a month ago, disciplinary spankings would return to her life!

1 Hour & 57 Minutes in Length!

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