Back After Eleven Years! I Retired The 3-Minute Timer With Audrey

Knight. Hailey And Her Real Disciplinary Sessions Was The Only

One I Would Have Brought It Back For!

'Hailey's Time Has Come' - Double Disc Set

Two Hours Of The Most Tearful, Real Disciplinary Spankings

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Long Spankings Before She Even Turns The Timer Over!

Hand (Twice) Hairbrush, Lexan Ruler Paddle, Tawse,

Razor Strap, Leather Ruler Strap, Paddle W/Holes, Belt

Large Lexan Paddle!



Tears, Embarrassment, Real Punishment, Beautiful Woman, Multiple Severe Implements, Amazing Bubble-butt. What else could you want?

Starting with Hailey sitting at a school desk, I do call out the fact that Hailey obeyed me when given the task of organizing her closet and clothes. She sent me photos and I start by pointing out the great first steps she made. Real disciplinary sessions, wherein a disciplinarian and his charge meet for discipline, pointing out what Hailey has done right, is as important as correcting what she has done wrong. I show the before and after photos to you at home and teach Hailey about the term maintenance spankings.

Is is then I introduce the timer to her! She actually had no idea what I was going to do in regards to this session, until I pulled down the timer and set it in front of her. She is made to go to the corner and strip and wait for my return to start her long day of discipline.

Taking her over my knee, I start out with the initial maintenance part with a hard hand spanking. The spanking goes on long and hard all the way up to her first taste of the timer. She flips it over for the first time, as my hand falls quick and hard as the timer goes on forever (in Hailey's mind)

Now any disciplinarian who is worth their salt, will be invested in the day to day of the one whose discipline you oversee. When I saw that Hailey had posted a video on her social media account of her driving down the freeway and flashing her breasts for views, I knew that the hairbrush had to be pulled out! She gets a hard hairbrush spanking that has her crying hard even before she is made to turn over that timer. When the timed spanking starts, she notices the level change and so do her tears!

Next the super-severe Lexan ruler paddle is used to blister her bubble-butt as yet more tears flood down her cheeks, ( she seems to have an infinite supply this day) Hard, loud and crisp comes to mind in a description of the sound that paddle makes, which seems to me just an undertone to the sound of her hard crying. When the time for the timer comes, you can see the fear it brings in her eyes!

Made to lie down on the ottoman, she is given a hard spanking with the tawse. The fast and crisp strokes (from a swing arch above my head) has her screaming in pain!

She thought that was horrific, until I got picked up one of my most painful implements...The nasty of nasty's... The thick razor strap! Her tears now would fill buckets, even before she was made to turn the timer over!



Starting off I have Hailey stand up from a swivel chair to strip out of her jean shorts and pull her tube top down over her large breasts. As her boyfriend looks on she is made to kneel in the chair and rub coconut oil into her still sore and red bottom. I swivel the chair into position to get the best angle to swing the nasty ruler strap that I decide to start with. She remember that strap well and the reaction from its first lick is like and electric shock of pain. The strap blisters her for a long time as she bucks (careful to stay in position as she knows my rules) her tears and loud cries of pain almost echo through the room. She turns timer over as the ruler strap whips her thrust out round bottom. Her crying even more intense as she looks at the timer with a will to make the sand fall faster.

Moving on to the wooden paddle with holes ( a rare implement and one I purchased long ago to punish Tiki with on nights she came home from work) I paddle her with measured swats as she again bucks and cries...the timer comes and she really howls and sheds tears as the swats are faster with more intensity!

Next she is made to lie on a table that allows her to stretch out fully. I begin with the domestic implement of notoriety (THE BELT) fast and hard. She is crying hard before she is made to turn over the time for 3-minutes of blazing hell.

The large Lexan paddle is next and she through her tears says ' I hate that paddle!' and she is sobbing do hard that it is almost indistinguishable. Went the timer flip comes... she is crying so hard it is the epitome of real disciplinary spankings.

I finish with my hand as another personal ending from me to her. The skin on skin as I feel her hot flesh almost burning my hand I spank her good and hard! The timer flips and my hand spanking falls fast and hard as the tears roll down her lovely cheeks!

The most real and intense with tears galore!

The Time Has Come (Hailey Edition) will take your breath away!





As Her Disciplinarian I Make Certain Spankings Very Personal Between Us. This Is Why I Begin With My Hand...And End With My Hand

Her Reactions And Tears From Real Disciplinary Spankings Will Leave You Gob smacked

Her Boyfriend Always Filled Me In Between Spankings With Things He Wanted To Be Addressed

Two Hours in Length On Two DVD Discs!