This Double Feature Is Based On True Events In

Beautiful Hailey's Life! Which Includes Her Hardest

Spankings Yet!


'Spanking the Maid & Spanking From The Disco' - Two DVDS!

1 Hour & 40 Minutes, Of Severe Disciplinary Spankings

Watch Hailey Maid & Club Trailer Here!


Dressed an adorable maid, Hailey is given the belt just to start. paddled with a custom blind-paddle, wooden spoon, thick cheese cutting board, hand and the paddle-strap! Lots of tears!

In the following scene Hailey is marched in right from a club in Miami. Her boyfriend drove her all the way to my place after she had blacked out and slapped a bouncer in a Cuban club. Still dressed from the club I march her to the corner slapping her designed jeaned bottom all the way. You like hard razor strapping over tight jeans, with two horrible straps, before making her pull her jeans down and strapping her on her panties and bare bottom? Oh yeah, this one if for you! Throw in incredible hard hand spanking on her jeans and bare bottom for the icing on the cake!



When I left Hailey for a week (on the honor system) to do daily chores as my maid, she decided to have parties and drink instead...Big mistake!

I came back from a urgent trip wherein I had left Hailey daily chores in my absence. She ended up throwing parties with friends as well as random guys. Since she was sent by her boyfriend to teach her about being organized in their home, she really didn't want me to tell him about this. She did realize I could drop in and view my multiple security cameras throughout the house. Catching her off guard while she was cleaning up, dressed in a really cute maid outfit, Haiey is then severely punished as I cover each of her failures.

The belt bruises her after the first few licks and the tears flow immediately! I was not kind as I laid on that belt! I made a custom very stingy paddle made out of an actual venetian blind that I paddled her with until it broke apart multiple times!

Taking over my knee in a standing position using a foot stool, I paddle her with a wooden spoon all causing bucked of tears to fall!  Spinning the stool around I make her put her rubber-gloved hands on the seat wherein I paddle her so hard her bottom swells!

Then she went over my knee for a really hard bare bottomed hand spanking, before finishing with the feared paddle strap!

Based on actual events in Miami! Hailey went behind her boyfriend's back in a Cuban club getting free drinks from guys. She didn't keep track of all those drinks and soon blacked out, even slapping that bouncer! Her boyfriend drove hours in the dead of the early morning, to see that Hailey was punished for this. She looked so good in the new jeans she had bought for the club, I decided to really blister her on her jeans! This was a hard strapping that made tears flow like rain! When her bottom was so hot in those jeans, I moved to a large antique razor strap and continued. Then her jeans came down, as I strapped her on her white underwear, before pulling those down and strapping her bottom raw.

Taking her over my knee I once again made her pull up her jeans and gave her an incredibly hard hand spanking on her jeans, panties and bare bottom. Look carefully at the corner time photos! Her bottom was that swollen!





This is Hailey's Hardest Spankings Yet!

Real Discipline With Plenty Of Tears!

The Most Beautiful Woman In The Scene Today Geting Real Disciplinary Spankings!

Double Feature On Two DVD Discs

Includes Long Slide Show at THe End!