This is by far the most severe, real disciplinary session for the gorgeous Hailey yet! I even got her boyfriend involved in her spankings!

'Dossier Of Discipline' - Blu-Ray and DVD

FYI- The Blu-Rays are amazing!

1 Hour and 42 Minutes of behavior modification that you are unlikely to see anywhere. Including a fully naked hand spanking, super-hard that will take your breath away!

Actually two of them!

Dossier Of DisciplineTrailer Here!


Tawse, Prison Strap, Conveyor Belt Strap, Wooden Paddles, The Devil's Tongue, Hairbrush and more!



She Sent Me Photographic Evidenence Of Her Misdeeds That I Created A Dossier of Discipline For.

This session starring the beautiful Hailey is special! This beauty has decided that punishment spankings help her in her day- to- day life. Her boyfriend it seems is in complete agreement; so he decided to come and watch...little did her know he would be involved in her punishment!

I start out with her bent over a spanking bench I put together with just simple furnishing. You see Hailey decided that it was worth a spanking to trespass into an abandoned motel to take some nude art shots. I made sure to let her know that this was not a good trade off. Starting with a severe tawse. an American prison strap, conveyor belt strap and a large wooden paddle. I made it clear to Hailey that was a bad choice!

Her boyfriend even mentioned some things she was doing around the house that needed addressing... I like this guy!

Next I got her boyfriend involved by allowing him to choose one of three implements. He chose the Devil's tongue! Hailey is forced to hold a yoga pose fully naked as the horrible rubber strap made her quiver in pain. She is then made to hold a revealing pose as I used a Maplewood paddle on her bare bottom. I then take her over my knee for a long and super-hard hand spanking... incredible!

My favorite look of the day is next, with Hailey as the perfect Maryann! I pull her over my knee and use the hairbrush, a wooden paddle and my hand over her jeans, before pulling the short jeans down and giving her a super hard spanking on the bare with all three!

What did she do? She sent me an actual speed warning ticket. She was instructed to ' leave earlier and use her cruise-control' from this day forward.



Hailey Kept Me Aware Of Her Behaviors That Warranted Spankings! This is REAL Discipline!

Hailey is back for her most severe session... Tears...Tears...Tears!

Being Punished In Front Of Her Boyfriend Was Special As He Got Involved!

1 Hour & 42 Minutes in Length!