She was brought to me at almost 4:00 a.m. for this punishment!

'Spanking From the Disco'

This 30 Minute DVD of Intense Real Disciplnary Strapping & Spanking

Spanking From The Disco Trailer Here!


Razor Strapping Over Jeans, Panties and Bare Bottom! OTK Extremely Hard Hand Spanking Over Jaeans, Panties and Bare Bottomed!





When Hailey and her boyfriend went out to a hot, Miami Cuban Nightclub, neither expected that they would be heading to my house, for an intense disciplinary spanking of Hailey until the sun came up!

Based on actual events in Miami! Hailey went behind her boyfriend's back in a Cuban club getting free drinks from guys. She didn't keep track of all those drinks and soon blacked out, even slapping that bouncer! Her boyfriend drove hours in the dead of the early morning, to see that Hailey was punished for this. She looked so good in the new jeans she had bought for the club, I decided to really blister her on her jeans! This was a hard strapping that made tears flow like rain! When her bottom was so hot in those jeans, I moved to a large antique razor strap and continued. Then her jeans came down, as I strapped her on her white underwear, before pulling those down and strapping her bottom raw.

Taking her over my knee I once again made her pull up her jeans and gave her an incredibly hard hand spanking on her jeans, panties and bare bottom. Look carefully at the corner time photos! Her bottom was that swollen!




True Discipline At Its Best!

Hailey Looked Hotter In Jeans Than Most I Have Ever Seen!

Her Boyfriend Asked Me To Really Teach Her A Lesson!

Thirty Minutes In Length!

Includes Long Slide Show!