Glam Kat DVD-An Awesome Sequel

The LONG overdue sequel to our popular DVD 'Brat Kat'.

Kat St. James is Glammed Up... and Punished!

I informed Kat St.James I was going to change her look for this sequel.She thought it would be funny to show up in a white t-shirt for the 'Brat Kat' shoot. Now watch her come to me in 1960's ruffled panties and glamourous make up!


You will love the NO NONSENSE SEVERITY!

The shoot opens up with me waiting for Kat to arrive...she is actually REALLY late for her call. I kept that in mind when it came time to spank her.

She entered dressed in VERY CUTE ruffled panties and a bucket with implements and some sort of contraption. I had her kneel on a very coarse 'reflection rug' as I reminded her why she was back. She knew why... and also knew that that night was going to be a painful learning experience for her. The night was to be 'LEATHER NIGHT' and I knew it was making her extra nervous! I showed her the implements and the mister/cooler that had her both scared and interested at the same time.

I took her over my knee and wet her, after pulling down those ruffled beauties revealing Kat's cute round bottom. She was amazed by how much the little "warm up" paddle stung. I made each implement progressively worse than the next. Her bottom was candy apple red by the time that PART of the punishment was over. KAT HAD INFORMED ME THAT HER SPANKINGS WERE FEWER IN THE PAST DAYS PRIOR TO THIS NIGHT. This was BAD TIMING on her part....you'll see!

I waste no time and had her lie on her tummy, face down and bare bottom up. I approached her and showed her my two INTENSE RAZOR STRAPS. I could see the nervous movement of her body...the look of fear in her eyes. We both knew it was needed...and deserved.

15 INTENSE STROKES with both straps has her crying out! I let her reach back and rub the intense bite from her cheeks (more for your pleasure than hers).

I then had her kneel on a stool (she was just glad to be off the "reflection rug") and with her back straight I really gave it to her with the 'Spanks Hard' strap and a triple layerd fingered tawse.

Next she was bent over the same stool, head down ... bare bottom up for a SERIOUS LESSON with the conveyor belt strap and then THE CANADIAN PRISON STRAP!

At 4' 11" Kat's bottom was no match for this intense strap. The licks curled around her thighs like a serpent injecting it's painful venom! She is scolded and warned at the end.

Her last words were "I will be a good girl".


The Perfect combination of Glamourous

Meets Severe!!!!




46 minutes in length