Girls Gone RED! Girls Gone RED! Girls Gone Red Girls Gone RED!

75 Minutes of Multi implement PUNISHMENT SESSIONS

I have taken beauty, freshness and a very naughty trio of Drop DEAD gorgeous girls ... and stirred


Some of the most thrilling real spanking punishment ever assembled!



I talked for many months to this lovely Brit. Amelia who has now taken the spanking world by storm! I managed to get her in for a

REAL PUNISHMENT SESSION regarding mood and sharp overtones when dealing with Co-workers and even her boyfriend!

She got the spanking of her life with my hand, wood ,leather and rubber paddles .... Did she cry you ask?



One of those heavy footed young ladys that found herself on the other end of a 541.00 speeding ticket. She had many excuses as to why. Did I listen...nope. This is one 19 year old that will think twice after remembering this bottom burning!!


Wrecking her boyfriends car landed this Aussie girl in HOT WATER. WITH A HOT BOTTOM! After a long hard hand spanking. I take her otk for a

leather paddling...before going prone for a series of very nasty implements. These photos speak for themselves!!



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