Groupies Caught & Caned

When groupies (Tiki and Tanya Hyde) climb up the hotel walls of their favorite rock star Sam Storm (Dallas) they get more than they bargain for!

Rather than being turned over to hotel security, the naughty girls choose to receive the rock star's punishment...on his terms!

  We start with Tanya Hyde receiving a caning at the hands of Sam Storm (lovely Tanya who had never been spanked before this) receives 12 hard strokes across her tender bottom (one stroke actually broke the skin!) It is now Tiki's turn. She refuses to tell Sam her name. Her impudence leads her to many more stripes.
  Sam leaves the girls alone which prompts Tiki to spank Tanya for getting her into this mess. What ensues is a spankfest of Tanya getting to return Tiki's spanking (with a paddle). Sam then spanks both girls hard across the bed. Lastly Tanya gives Tiki a slow deliberate paddling and bath brushing leaving her bottom red and bruised (lot's of Girl/Girl Action!!)


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