Ten Amorette came to Dallas with a secret that deserved punishment

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First and Ten- Real Discipline Meets Football


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Cowboys Fan spanked

I met Ten Amorette the night before she was due to be spanked. She proceeded in very short time to get trashed. Those who enjoy my videos also enjoy the real disciplinary nature of the films as well... or so I am told.

I told Ten that I was going to give her a real disciplinary spanking when she showed up the next day.

1) For getting trashed the night before a shoot. She didn't balk there.

2) Although I warned her three times the night before, she was 26 minutes late. (not really all her fault... but you know me)

3) I made her step off camera and tell me a secret about what she really deserved a good one for. She confessed only to me because of the personal nature of it. I then punished her in front of her boyfriend for this secret.

I have Ten slip into a black nightie and six inch heels upon arrival. After an interview, I have her take off eveything ( well, except the heels ) and I walk her to the corner to await her first spanking. I could feel her trembling as she help my arm.

I started with something I called a ' Sting Up' which was for saying to me " I do better if I have a good warm up". Punishment shouldn't be about warm ups if they are real right?... so I started with a thin and VERY STINGING cane. The cane actually shattered.

Then over my knee, naked and with her buns still stinging, I gave her a super hard hand spanking, hairbrush spanking, paddle strapping and the acrylic paddle spanking that had her crying out in pain and promising to do better when she returned home.

But that's not all folks!... I then have her stand at the fireplace and whip her firm round bottom with a rubber strap called ' The Devils tongue". She mentioned hating rubber implements ( silly Ten ) I moved right to a leather handled strap afterwards.

I finished with my strap called ' The Strap from HELL' so named by many who have experienced it.

But that's not all!... Dressed in a Dallas Cowboys football jersey I paddle her in a way as to get the full value of her hard bubble butt. (Thank you my friend in Dallas for the jersey!) She being a Cowboys fan made it that much more meaningful. I have her take 10 snaps from center. " Ten Down... Set "...Whack!


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If you like very deserving, fully nude, firm bottomed girls getting a long, hard, real disciplinary spanking for true behavioral problems in their personal lives... This one is for you!

One Hour in Length!