Behind the Flaming Strap 1- Real Strapping DVD

75 Minutes of Strapping and beyond!

This is a video/DVD is AMAZING! Dallas has each one of these beauties show up determined to teach them a lesson beyond there limits for the good of their future behavior. What lessons are taught!




Loren came to Dallas with a secret. She needed to be punished for her behavior while her boyfriend is away. She pleaded with Dallas to give her a spanking that would ease her guilt. What she got she didn't bargin for. After 50 hard licks with a razor strap in various positions she learned what true discipline is.


Chloe is a very naughty girl. She was sent to me by her husband. She apparently has trouble with the idea of being faithful. She begged me not to mark her, because she was going to be going on vacation to a river in Nevada. I told her " what will be, will be." I tanned her hide in various positions with my strap. Trust me she wasn't wearing a bikini that week!


Gia- Well what can be said for her? In her defense.... Well there is no defense. She thought that it would be easier to hack into the college computers and change a bad grade. She was caught. Unlucky for her is that my biggest pet peeve ( next to drunk driving) is any type of hacking. Can't stand it! Gia receives a strapping, wooden paddling, and vicious hand spankings that will take your breath away! Don't think you will find a harder one gang! This video is so intense that you will need to breathe into a paper sack to keep from hyper-ventilating!





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