Nikki Rouge- The 5th Kind

Forget everything you thought you knew of what a spanking video is. This is a mini movie with great acting... a great story line ...and some of the most severe spankings for REAL REASONS you will ever experience.

Introducing the wonderful (never before seen in a video) Nikki Rouge.

This is a story about abduction, or rather the fears that one might encounter when ones memory is too cloudy to recall . Dr. Nikki Rouge has been having dreams. Dreams that seem to cast a feeling of dread to her very core. She has dreamed of eyes. Eyes watching her through the window. Meanacing.... and powerful. She feels the person behind the eyes means her harm. She asks a fellow psychologist to help her figure out these dreams. He puts her under hypnosis to allow her to remember. What she does remember is that the eyes are tied together with something locked away in her past.

When she is put under for the first time. She goes back to a time she was a gynastics coach. She got multiple parking tickets. Her car was booted for it. She remembers a HARD SPANKING she got from a man she could not remember. She remembers getting that LARGE HAIR BRUSH....and the hand and being sent to the corner! Her pale bottom bared right at the outset of that spanking.

She is awakened in a state of panic by her doctor friend. He asks her what she remembered. She knew she was spanked but she can't remember the circumstances. The doctor decides she must go deeper and puts her under again.

Dr. Rouge is prompted to go deeper inside her head, where she sees herself at the post office. The doors are locked. She needs to mail her tax return. She dreamily goes to a place where she remembers coming to a house, being lectured and then being made to bend over for a spanking with a huge wooden paddle. First she is spanked over her jeans and is then told to take them down. The paddle bites hard into her bare skin. She is then strapped with a short razor strap which literally causes her to dance in pain. She is then made to kneel on a chair where she is given a SEVERE STRAPPING with a HUGE RAZOR STRAP!

Once again, she is awakend in a panic. The doctor feels she is getting close so he puts her under for a third time. She remembers flashing red & blue lights while driving. She is seeing with blurry vision and realizes she is being pulled over by the police for speeding. Instead of a speeding ticket, A DUI is handed to her. She then sees herslf again in front of the man. This time she is dressed as she would be coming from work at a bar. She is scolded about the DANGEROUS DRIVING habits. Dr. Rouge remembers being laid down over the arm of a chair and sees that the man has 3 HUGE Straps laid out. He then proceeds to use the straps on her until she can't take anymore - pleading and promising to never do it again. The man has her rub in viatmin e oil before getting spanked with a Canadian Prison strap, reminding her that she could go to prison if the car got away from her. He lays on that strap HARD as she screams - promising to never drink and drive again.

This is a DVD you will cherish as part of your collection! All the spankings were given for REAL REASONS in Nikki's life. We can't decide for you if these spankings are REAL. You must decide for yourself!


53 minutes in length!

+bonus slideshow and bloopers!



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