When Wonder Woman Interferes With Mortals, Her Father

Requests A Demon From The Underworld Called 'The Darkness'

Who Takes Her Powers And Punishes Her As If She Were Mortal

'Wonder Woman Meets The Darkness' Full HD Spanking Video Download

The HOTTEST Superhero Movie Ever!

Wonder Woman Meet The Darkness Trailer


1 Hour & 47 Minutes In Length!




When Wonder Woman forbade her father's wishes and interfered with the mortals of Earth. He decided to enlist a demon for the netherworld called 'The Darkness'. For one day, Diana would be without her powers, to experience physical pain, for the first time in her life.

Wonder Woman awakens to find herself in a mortals house, frozen to a chair. She has not only lost her powers , but is powerless to free herself. The demon appears behind her, to explain what is happening. She didn't want to believe her father could allow this to happen, let along being behind it. She tries to fight, but The Darkness has total control of her, as she fight against his powers, that create a feeling of being a puppet to her. She fought hard, but soon had her hands pinned to the wall! The Darkness talks to her more, as she curses him. He produces a cane first and stripes her hard with it. Being her first experience with pain, she fights and soon responds to her spankings. Caned, paddled with the large acrylic paddle, large leather paddle, the Devil's tongue and a hard hand spanking, her hands are frozen to the wall, as each land in succession, also making her wonder-bottom crimson and hot, for the first time. The Darkness grew tired of her complaints. telling her he is leaving her to the mortal that this house belongs too.

Dallas walks in and is confused that a bare bottomed superhero is in her house. A voice in his ear explains what he must do. He must used his experience as a disciplinarian, to carry out her father's wishes. He has her over his knee, for spankings and paddling, then on an ottoman for more strapping.

This full length spanking feature, is so well acted by Hailey, you will love every scene!




She Literally Is, Wonder Woman!

This is a shoot, Hailey and I have been wanting to do forever!

Movie Star Beauty, Meets Superhero, For Super Discipline

1 Hour - Forty-Seven Minutes Of Spanking Action!

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