Sophie Nova as Errin Burnitt- 'The Spank Sympathizer' Bare Bottomed

Spankings, belt, hairbrush, OTK Hand Spanking, caning of a bank sympathizer

Spank Sympathizer- Super Quality Spanking Download



Have you have ever wanted to take someone over your knee just for the agenda they have and the lies they spread - self promoting at everyone elses expense?

If so, you will LOVE this one! Our beauitful bubble bottomed (fantastic actress) Sophie Nova plays a character named Errin Burnitt, and this character fits all the above criteria and then some!

When our hero Duke Hapa, a surfing songwriter is propelled into the leader of the pack of a popular protest group, paths would cross and buns would burn.

Duke ran into Ms Burnitt at a protest where she was doing what she does best... spreading lies. She was actually there to try to get an interview with Duke. The songwriter had some choice words including "You probably could benefit from a good spanking." She still wanted an interview and set it up at Duke's place later that week.

She arrived and was put into a position wherein she is taken over Duke's lap for that "needed spanking". Duke started with his hand over her tight skirt and then moved to see through panties and bare bottomed of course.

In the next scene, Ms Burnitt had some choice words (what else is new?) and Duke took off his belt and tanned her hide but good. After the belt spanking, she is left alone to gather her thoughts.

When Duke comes back in, he brought a huge hairbrush with him and left it on the table beside Ms. Burnitt. When he returned, he found her with her hair down (finally) and she once again spoke when she shouldn't have. The brush was used with vigor and the tears streamed down her face as Duke made her conduct her interview at the same time.

Finally, Duke saw her coming around and offered a surfing lesson (a special lesson reserved for special women). With a slim cane, Duke put her through the lesson like a task master.

Turns out all Ms. Burnitt needed was a spanking all along!

This is a super high quality download that has it all! A beautiful and deserving, bubble bottomed girl is spanked to tears with the hand, a large leather belt, hairbrush and cane!

Duke Hapa even wrote and played the music for this spanking event!

44 Minutes in Length!

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