Crash's Swan Song -

Bath Brush, Hairbrush, OTK Hand Spanking

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Crash informed me on her previous spanking she got from me " You broke me... nobody has done that ". She was not prepared to do another film. I worked my magic and got her back for a swan song film. A film with tradition.

The Beautiful Crash in her LAST EVER Film!


Crash confessed to me she had watched her previous DVD 'Crash & Burn' over 20 times. She also confessed that it took her to a place where for the first time she was broken and not in control.

I wanted her to come back for a final chapter in her spanking life. She agreed when I said it would be more along the lines of 'traditional' from beginning to end. This intrigued her. She showed up with a male friend who was happy to help me ( by handing the implements to me ) Seems Crash can get a little short fused with him. I think her enjoyed her spankings!

It was a hot day, so Crash asked if she could take a dip before her spankings. I said " Sure, it might sting a lot more wet. She was fine with that! nuck...nuck...nuck

After she had cooled off sufficently, I lead her bare ( wet ) bottomed through the door and stopping her in the kitchen. I had her lean against the wall as I gave her two different cane style implements. That left purple and crimson tram-lines across her naked wet flesh.

I lead her to the livingroom where I had her dress. She sits down in an antique school desk and waits.

I get out a stool and take her over my knee. Starting with my hand, I spank her slowly as she feel each and every burning spank. She is made two wait afterwards bare bottomed and kneeling on the floor.

This is where I utilize the help of her friend as he hands me the traditional type implements. I start with a large hairbrush, wooden spoon, a home made pine paddle and a flat maple paddle. Once again staying with the traditonal theme of her spanking.

After the OTK spanking. I have her lay on the the ottoman with it on it's side ( actually knew a girl whose father did that for her spankings ) I use the home made conveyor belt strap and a razor strap! These are both VERY traditional methods.

Last but not least, I stand her in classic paddle position for a paddling with a paddle I found at the swap meet. It said 'Family Persuader' on it. I give her a good paddling as she exclaims "ohhh...sirrr!"


68 Minutes in Length!

You will want to see her last ever TRADITIONAL Spanking!