I am sure you have often wondered about women who have so much guilt in their pasts, that a trip to a SPANKING THERAPIST would be just what the doctor ordered! What is a 'spanking therapist' you ask? This video will answer all your questions and more!

The Spanking Therapist- Full Spanking Video Download

Lilly (who lives just down the street), came to me for some 'guilt related' therapy. In the 90 MINUTE session, you see a classic 'mean girl' pay the price for her past!




This is a super cool video! I have always pictured disciplinary spankings as part therapy, part punishment. My spankings both on and off camera have always looked for that realism factor. Getting inside the head of the woman you are spanking ( to me anyway) is a key to the catharsis that should be a requirement where discipline is concerned.

Enter the lovely Lilly. It turned out Lilly lives just down the street from us and was eager to take part in out therapy experiment. Seems she was a bit of a bully in high school and wanted to get past that within herself.

She arrived and learned firstly she wanted to be there. We together regress back to what brought her to me. Then... bare bottomed corner time!

Her smooth unblemished and non-spanked bottom was soon over my knee where she finds out exactly what this therapy involves. Her reactions are real from the beginning OTK... to the ottoman spankings with hand, paddle and razor strap.

The last scene has her going back to the spanking she should have received in high school...but never did. I help her picture what it would have been like as I start out over her tight jeans, then her panties and then bare bottomed. I have her pull her jeans up over her swollen bottom, only to pull them back down again for the paddle!

This is an hour and a half of pure spanking enjoyment, wherein a beautiful girl learned about her past, her connection with spanking as therapy. We then interview her about her childhood spankings, which is pretty amazing.


This film has it all.



You will see more of Lilly!

90 minutes in Length!



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