This deliciously dark and severe sequel to out smash hit 'The Spanking Hit-man' features the beautiful Brazilian/German long-legged model Joelle Barros. Now those of you familiar with Joelle knows she is not a 'crying type'. Well, this film throws that concept out the window as she cries in every scene! Hand Spanking, Hairbrush, paddle- strap, wooden paddle. leather paddle, latex paddle...and that is only the first two scenes!

The Spanking Hitman 2- Full HD Download

Joelle Barros ( Whacky World Cup)




The 'Spanking Hit-man' as you recall made the decision to let his last target go after letting his heart get in the way of business. Realizing he now was a target due to these actions, he knew he had to make it right with 'The People', or remain always looking over his shoulder.

When he was approached by 'the in-betweeners' and given a second chance, he took it. He vowed never to let another woman see into his heart again.

Joelle Barros was paid by a faction of Germans to have Joelle party with the Brazilian team at the World Cup...she got them to party like rock-stars...and we all saw the outcome.

The spanking hit-man once again has returned to make his mark suffer 'his way'

Over an hour in length!

A Real Discipline Delight!

Joelle Barros is so beautiful as she breaks down into teas brought on by her punishment

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