Our model Lilly Hall, sends this naughty girl to us for an amazingly severe spanking! She has never

really been spanked before and confesses real reasons she should have been spanked in her

past. Her alabaster skinned bottom, feels the full wrath of my hand, paddles & straps!

Spanking Haven- Full HD Spanking Video Download

Starring First Time Exclusive Model Haven

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I sit down with Haven first so we can get to know her together. She had just walked in the door and I knew very little about her, aside from the fact that Lilly Hall said ' This girl Haven REALLY needs a good spanking'.

Her spankings start with a nice, long , hard OTK hand spanking which bruises her bottom right off the bat! Her bottom goes so red against that alabaster skin.

Then a serious paddling OTK with a rubber paddle, 3/4 inch pine paddle and a seriously stingy plywood paddle!

She changes her clothes and is made to lie over a fetish bench to receive a blistering with and antique razor strap over her jeans and then BARE!

Fans of OTK will LOVE this as she is then put back over my knee for a paddling and tawsing over jeans and then bare until the tears come!

This film has the best of the best! A new girl with zero spanking experience getting an incredible set of spankings that left her sore for days!

We aren't allowed to show the REAL PHOTOS from this shoot any longer! This spanking film has EVERYTHING you look for in a disciplinary scenario.

First Time Beauty Gets An Incredible Punishment Spanking!

46 Minutes in length!


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