A Beautiful Hollywood Ingenues is sent to Dallas For Severe Punishment To Keep From

Going To Prison. An Intensley Beautiful Spanking Film.

Spanked Starlet - HD Spanking Video Download

Starring Penny Stone ( Formerly Lolita Sinn)



This has been a requested video by our dear friend that we thought was cool for a long time. There has always been a keen interest with 'spanking and celebrity'. I know this very well. When you hear day after day about this Hollywood starlet getting arrested for this and that...well, it seems without saying that this is an awesome concept for a spanking film! This one is about a hopelessly naughty ingenues named Ms Logan. She is about to go to jail for an extended stay for a number of reasons. I am hired by the owner of Lone Star Studios and the owner Skip B, to help our little naughty starlet keep her cool butt out of jail, on Mr. B's conditions of course.

Let's just say fans of wood will love this as I start off with bare bottomed wooden implements and lot's of them. These aren't the small or flimsy variety ( are they ever?), but my most far reaching, as far as teaching heavy boys.

She is put in a holding cell to get the feel of what prison would be like. Then hauled off to a stand up paddling session... You guessed it, large wooden paddles and a few extra ones for sport.

Then she is bared for an intense face down strapping with the HEAVY STRAPS, including both prison straps and razor straps. Very intense!

She is then sent up the ladder to the special 'spanking attic' completely nude and made to keep her hands firmly on a metal bar as she is punished once again with severity. Her skin weeps with displeasure.

Lindsay Logan is then made to stay alone in the attic for the night, promised a hot breakfast and a discussion about where her thoughts took her and what she felt her behavior would be in the future.


A Punishment Fantasy We All Have Thought About.


This is a perfect spanking punishment scenario for the aficionado.



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