A requested disciplinary spanking for Samantha Woodley...HER REQUEST!

Samantha Woodley- Spanked For Spending

Hard Spanking, Paddling and Strapping... ALL with Stinging Gel Applied!





Samantha came to me looking ravishing this night. She confessed that once again she had over-spent the month's finances! She bought clothes she never wore, even going so far as to washing her cars with these clothes.

Things like paying the power bill and credit card payments would go my the wayside.

I started spanking Samantha when she was eighteen and she knew that she could find the discipline she both needed and deserved with me.

I start off with a hard hand spanking which really got her bottom red against those amazing tan lines. A stinging gel was applied constantly to assure her sting was always over-the -top. It really helps with how great her red bottom looked on film...BONUS!

She lay across my lap as different NASTY implements stung her bareness. She pleaded for the OTK session to be all she got.

Not a chance! She was severely strapped as she knelt on the couch , with her bottom well out. Once again the gel was added generously.

Samantha told me this ' That spanking hurt so much, but nobody has even made me look that good either'. I will have to concur on that matter.


Hard Spanking of Samantha Woodley, who had never looked so beautiful.

Those Tan Line Were My Request!

She Obeyed...

26 Minutes in Length!

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