'Sophie in Charge' - Bubble Butt

Sophie Nova - Spanked Again.

See what mischief our bubble bottomed Brit Sophie Nova can get into when left in charge of Dallas & Sabrina's home and business! Due to the fact that it was during our trip to Kauai to get married, I felt it was important she do a GREAT JOB!

One of the ALL TIME SEXIEST bare bottomed dances ever on film!

One of her primary duties was to be in charge of the day to day DVD shipping. She manages to mess that up in ways you won't believe!

Bubble Butt Sophie Nova

When she shows up looking for her paycheck ... I greet her with an ominous "That is what we need to talk about." It is then she knew she was in for a long and painful afternoon!

Sophie OTK Hand Spanking

Great Storyline! Painfully Funny! AMAZING BOTTOM meets HARD SPANKING!

In the middle of a HARD OTK hand spanking... a pizza delivery guy walks right in the door! Needless to say I was not thrilled about this! When it comes to light that Sophie had forged my name on company checks as well, I help the pizza guy collect a tip that was rightfully his. He takes it out of her BARE BUM! The pizza guy (played perfectly by Brandon Summers ) has his best day ever!

After tales from my pool man and gardener about parties and the aftermath of my backyard, I placed Sophie on her knees on the seat of a chair and tended to her backyard. ( wink)

I used three different straps on her with her bottom well out! Finishing off with her least favorite...the short and very stiff RAZOR STRAP!

After Sabrina told me that instead of brushing Moonlight (our Maltese) Sophie decided to unleash the clippers in a nightmarish attempt to shave the apple of her eye... I unleashed the acrylic paddle, leather paddle & very painful padddle strap!

You won't want to miss one second of this AMAZING DVD!

Sabrina does a masterful job of editing!

Start to finish this is a disciplinary treat that will have you chuckling and wanting a cigarette all at the SAME TIME!


55 minutes in length!

Long Bonus Slideshow- Men, women or couples will adore it!