Samantha Woodley- Fully nude spanking video with bondage-

Like You Have Never Seen Her Before!


samantha woodley

Samantha's last shoot with me did not fair well (to say the least ). She was warned NOT TO DRINK. She did... and ended up running out the door, getting into her car and driving to a bar! She actually called me from the bar, giving me a raft of shit- FOR A SPANKING SHE REQUESTED!

Want to see this punishment (again that she asked for) have some closure? I thought that was what you'd say.

sam woodley otk

Now regardless what some will say, this is the first on camera spanking she has received in two years. She exited from the scene for her own personal reasons. When she called requesting a spanking where she could not run away, I felt I owed it to her...and you.

This was a spanking punishment that took place over a two day period. I started with an over the knee hand, hairbrush & paddles. You will love the way she squirms and eventually cries from this very real punishment. Anyone knowing Samantha also knows that tears are few and far between with her and spanking. She felt jaded and wondering if she was even into punishment spankings still. I guess she found out. Sent to the corner ( which she hates ), Samantha was MADE to say 'Sir' (which she also hates). There she was MADE to relinquish control.

She spent the night in handcuffs and was awakeded to continue her punishment fully nude the next morning. I clear wrapped her to the bench to really make the 'running away' message loud and clear.

Next, she is given a riding crop whipping, the belt, a long severe strapping and a super hard hand spanking that she admitted was the worst over the two day period). YOU WILL LOVE THIS SPANKING BECAUSE IT WAS REAL!

samantha woodley strapped
samantha woodley nude

This download is something very special as you will see. It features a well deserved. requested disciplinary spanking between two friends. A spanking where she trusted me to get through to her.

This also includes a very funny and interesting behind the scenes look at this shoot and a look into the REAL Samantha Woodley as you have never seen her. If there is one spanking you will want to see...this is it.

1 Hour & Twenty Eight Minutes in Length!

PLUS the bonus behind the scenes footage!


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