Newcomer Lolita Sinn contacted me about her interest in a REAL and SEVERE

punishment spanking. I was suspect of her use of the word "Severe" at first.

When on the day before our shoot she disclosed something very serious about

our filming... I made a POINT of teaching her what the word "SEVERE" really means.

Sinful Disclosure- Full HD Spanking Video Download

Starring Lolita Sinn



This is a film that will open your eyes as to what REAL SPANKING to a beginner can be if the spanked and the spanker have a complete understanding about the importance of honesty about ALL topics and the necessity for full disclosure when it is of a serious nature.

Lolita told me about things that were mostly a need for self-motivation in her life. Due to the personal nature of the bomb-shell, I will not disclose this topic. Know this...I felt it so needed that I went beyond this young college grads wildest conception of what a first time punishment spanking would be like.

I went back to the basics of some of my earliest punishment spankings of Tiki to ensure I delivered a lesson that would be seared into her mind.

I start with a super-hard hand spanking, followed with amazingly severe paddle sets as she is over my knee.

I strip her naked for SEVERE leather whippings in both a standing best position and fully prone position.My most severe implements are lined up to deal with Lolita's fetching bubble-butt.

I paddle her and whip her as I did with Lizzy Madison and Eden Wells that stretched her skin taunt across her already marked and super-sore bare globes.

I finish with a classic paddle position paddling with her still full nude. This is and AMAZING PUNISHMENT and the BEST PART

IT IS 90 MINUTES in LENGTH with SPANKING from the get-go until she is put back in the corner an hour and a half later.







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