Sandy Sweet- 4' 11" of naughty "Tinker Bell"

What happens when a broadway actress messes up REALLY bad!

When Sandy Sweet who plays "Tinker bell" on broadways musical " Peter Pan" and i an hour late for opening night.... because she LOST HER KEYS! The executive producer ( and my friend) sends this little pixie of a girl to receive a real spanking at my hands. This time being with two paddles and a strap. Real tears, a super cute girl. and a little inside joke helps make this a special punishement video you will watch many times over

Cute Sandy had no idea what she was in for!

From start to finish. This one will warm your heart as I warm her bottom. Some great behind the scenes footage... a real spanking confession from her childhood... and a crimson bottom with all the other great nuances that make for a great punishment movie. If you want to see the cutest girl, getting a real one. You will love this one!

Sandy drove home on a sore bottom that night...calling to thank me the next morning

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