When a neighbor of mine agrees to turn over her disciplinary

needs to me and disappears...She knew what to expect!

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Her First Ever Caning and Whipping To Intense Tears!

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When Lilly Hall Ran Away From Her Disciplinary Spankings For Over

A Year...She Knew There Would Be Hell To




Lilly Hall knew better than to disappear for over a year, after turning over her disciplinary needs to me. We had many conversations on my porch in the evenings. She told me about her lack of will power, procrastination, failure to re-enroll to college. Even her eating habits were monitored and addressed. You see, Lilly filmed with me three times. What you didn't know was that she was also meeting for private disciplinary spankings as well. She hated her spankings so much! She knew they were helping her be where she wanted to be in her life. So, when she decided to move out of her grandmother's old house and put it up for rent. She also did not tell me she was leaving. She changed her telephone number and did not contact me.

Then I received a phone call from her the other day. She tried to brush off the fact that she had disappeared and I was not having it. I told her to be at my house this past Friday at twelve noon. I also informed her to expect something new as far as her spanking she received...and that it would be HARD!

After a brief talk and some bare bottomed corner time, I ordered her into the bedroom to strip completely naked. I told her to leave on only her high heels. She did as she was told as I start out with two different canes! She had never been caned and I felt that starting with them would send a clear message. I then moved to a heavy whip, for a long whipping! Talk about tears! She then gets the belt, strap and wooden paddle. Each implement is given about ten minutes of time. Her tears tell the story!

She is then put back into a schoolgirl outfit, because I wanted this to be a learning experience and remind her how often she had promised to enroll in college again. I take her over my knee for a long hand spanking, the rubber paddle, the huge hairbrush and the Maplewood paddle. She told me she had never cried this long and hard in her life!

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After More Than A Year Away

Lilly Was Still As Naughty As Ever!



A Real Disciplinary Punishment of Lilly Hall!

1 Hour & 30 Minutes in Length


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