Real Horrible Housekeeper Spanking Film Download

Rebekah's First Real Disciplinary Session Filmed!

First Time as FULL Download!



Sometimes a disciplinary session will appear on the endless internet ocean, that is so true, so real, so raw that you will know it when you see it.

When Rebekah wrote to me about her failings in her life regarding simple day to day things, I had no idea what I was truly dealing with. When I paid her a visit before this filming I literally spanked her with all I could muster. You see I had no idea this had to do with the her motherhood duties. When I saw cigarette butts on her floor and the fact that innocents had access to them. I yanked her over tho the bed and my hand expressed my concerns.

That afternoon I set up this caning and spanking. I was visibly less cool than normal when it came to this punishment. This is a severe lesson and most of it with the cane. I did decide to take her over my knee and blister her with my hand on her very welted bottom.

This is a true disciplinary session. This is not a content scenario.

You will understand this once you have witnessed it start to finish.


Counting was not even on my mind this night. The way she reacted and her true contrition was the only thing I focused on.

I decided to give her a hand spanking that night without any discussion about it. I enjoyed providing the extra topping off she so DESERVED.

Remastered and re-edited & color corrected with footage never seen.


Severe Caning and Bare Bottomed OTK Spanking to Tears

Download Length - 33 minutes

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