This the FIRST TIME released as download of the FULL FILM!


Starring Tanya Hyde, Pepper Crimson, Courtney Chambers

and Mina!


All of these are real disciplinary spankings!



I met Pepper Crimson at a go-go bar. She was very drunk and dancing on a high pedestal. I know first hand how dangerous that can be and even punished Jewel and Samantha James for falling. I approached her during her break and explained to her that I witnessed her un-safe dancing and suggested she be spanked. When I told her about what I did she said, " Let's exchange information". When I asked her about the 'spanking', "sure" was all she said. She was spanked three day later.

Tanya Hyde was a friend of Tiki and myself. She lost my favorite paddle at a Fetish Ball. She paid the price with a first ever , bare bottom bruising. blistering!

Courtney Chambers was a teacher at the time. She was actually spanked early morning before going to school to teach her class. I found that very HOT!

Samantha the Rocker was a pretty well known singer in a band at the time in LA. This was a real disciplinary spanking she agreed to due to her getting high and drunk constantly when performing. Hr not showing her face was part of the agreement.

Mina worked with Tiki at The Dominion. She got spanked as a trade for some photos she needed. She was VERY taken by surprise, by how painful my hand spanking was. If you bring a pro to tears, you are doing something right!




Real Discipline At It's Best!

1 Hour in Length!