Rawhide Spanking Video Download- Real Disciplinary Switching, Bare bottomed OTK

Hand Spanking, Hairbrush Paddling, Razor Straps, Lexan Paddle

Rawhide 2- Starring Stevie Rose



When Stevie Rose had an itch for fame, at the expense of her uncle Cletus, she was put on a plane to see Dallas. This is where she learned about herself and why she showed her uncle so much disrespect.

Stevie Rose sang back up vocals for her uncle Cletus' band in Austin. She was paid well, more than any other band member actually. Wanting to be a solo star caused young and defiant Stevie to throw tantrums by not showing up for gigs, stepping up to the mic and playing her own music without alerting the band etc. Cletus had enough of this and handed Stevie a ticket one afternoon. "Don't come back to the band until you have this old fashioned lickin handled girl".

Stevie arrives at the address as she was told. Dallas was waiting for her and had some choice words about her behavior. Stevie was flip and very spoiled by his observation. He knew what needed to be done.

He has Stevie peel a switch for him. She did pretty well for never having experienced this. Dallas has a new method to keep her hands from coming back and presenting the perfect, uplifting target. She is switched a long time and the looks of a mixture of defiance and pain will have you wanting to watch this again and again!

This is followed by a long, super hard hand spanking, then two hairbrushes, two intense razor straps and followed by an intense paddling with a lexan paddle that actually cracked at the handle from this paddling. Lexan is 'bullet proof glass'!

This is an amazing HD Full Spanking Download! Stevie Rose gets a punishment well deserving our title. You will love how raw her hide gets!

1 Hour & five minutes in Length!

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