Raven Steals on Italy trip- Spanked

When Raven takes a trip to Italy with a friend and

her family... I warn her to behave during the month abroad.

I also let her know what to expect if I hear any bad reports.

I got a post card from her friend ( who knew I was in charge

of Raven's disciplinary needs) telling me of a very embarrassing

encounter with the Policia de Milano.

Seems our Raven...who always tested for sport, decided to

try her hand at shop lifting at a very posh ( and expensive ) designer store called Prada)

She had run up some phone bills as well and I promised her

a good long hand spanking when she returned.

She didn't know that I had been tipped off about the attempted

shoplifting incident.

She shows up expecting a hand spanking...well she got that


I start of on a non warmed- up bottom with my heaviest strap.

I give her 20 with that.

I then give her 40 with a severe handled prison strap.

Her tears had flowed with the first strap!

I then give her 15 with a Lexan paddle which cause tears and teeth gritting.

I finish her with a good old fashioned bare bottomed

hand spanking.

This was a severe REAL Punishment spanking I gave

to Raven during our time we were dating.

She never looked more elegant....and was tender for a week!

You will want to see this one!!!!!!!

A girlfriends punishment for stealing and causing embarrassment!

One of the most beautiful woman..you will only see spanked here!

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