Hailey, Truly Is A Princess Among The Many Women

That Seek Real Discipline In THeir Lives!

'Punished Princess' Full HD Spanking Video Download

From Hand, To The Cane And Everything In between.

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1 Hour & 45 Minutes In Length!




When Hailey Shoots Content And Is Reckless In Doing So. She Is Reminded Of All That She Could Lose.

When I was talking to one of my longest friendships in the scene a while ago (Keith Jones) and sent him a photo of Hailey, his words were 'Who is this princess?' I stopped and thought about that, because 'princess' was a word I had used to describe Hailey before. That inspired the title of this new film. You see I went from a producer hiring a model ( when I first was referred to her) To being recognized as her disciplinarian by her. To a confidant, she could share everything going on in her life. That led to spankings, many times of course. She would keep nothing from me, knowing that she would be punished for it, if it were warranted. Now we have grown so close, she refers to me as, 'Her other dad'. Not in a 'call me daddy' sort of way, but in a true 'tough but fair' and someone she could count on.

I decided to put her over the ottoman to start, because this positioned her bottom well up. It also gave me a wider swing, than OTK. Hailey likes the domestic disciplinary spankings feeling she gets in her tummy. That is why I frequently use implements like the hairbrush, belt and paddle. If she was guilty of some behaviors that warrant implements she fears 'the cane, razor strap and her now dreaded wooden house ruler. I will pull them out just before her spankings. This day she also added to that list being introduced to the Canadian prison strap. At the end of this long punishment, I have her strip naked (a symbolic reference we share) and save the infamous paddle with holes for last!



Doing Well, Does Not Mean, No More Spankings!

A More Deserving and Beautiful Woman You Are Likely To Ever Meet

Movie Star Beauty, Meets Severe Discipline

1 Hour - Forty-Five Minutes Of Spanking Action!

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