-Amber Pixie Wells Spanked and Switched Wet

When a spanking model needs a real punishment spanking

Some will come to me to make sure a lesson is learned without question. Such is the case of Amber "Pixie " Wells. What you witness here is severe punishment spanking at it's most extreme!

Pixie is dealt with as referred to " The Dallas plus SPECIAL" on her blog

This starts with the picking of a large switch. As in the Tiki video " Sneaky Tiki" ,her bottom is exfoliated as she stands in a tub of hot water. She is switched until the switch breaks apart. She is strapped on that same tender switched bottom with the razor strap. Made to lay over my knee for hard hand spanking and paddling with wood and rubber. Then a serious lay down strappping that caused her to cry out loudly. Pixie needs spanking like this. Because of the serious nature of her act. I was forced to hand out a punishemnt that had her in tears from start to finish . This is an extreme spanking so me fore warned!!!

Pixie and I have developed a trust and bond over the years that allows us to produce this kind of punishment. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITH SOMEONE UNLESS YOU TOO HAVE THIS TRUST!!!!